List of tour operators and travel Companies in Uganda

I have taken time to compile this list to give tourists and stake holders what to choose from, in case I have not included your tour and travel company or there are some changes to make, please add it in the comment section below as the list will be updated on a regular basis or leave us an email.

Those who have used any of the tour operators in the list please leave a comment or recommend a friend.



    • 1000 Shades Of Green Tours and Safaris Co. Ltd
      Kamu Kamu Plaza, Entebbe Rd, P.O. Box 21142, Kampala
      Tel: +256414579306
    • Lion Head Tours and Travel (Plot 20, 21 Martyrs’ Cres, Kampala)
      Tel: +256-772468824
    • AA Safaris and Tours Limited
      Plot 25, Room 4, Sarah Mall, Martin Road, P.O. Box 28921 Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)312 293534, +256 (0)39
    • AAB Tours and Travel (U) Ltd
      Zana , Kampala – Entebbe Highway, P.O. Box 37400, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0) 414201 299
    • Ababa Uganda Safaris
      Plot 711, Entebbe Highway, Najanankumbi, Nambi Irene House, P.O.Box 27707 Kampala Uganda.
      Tel : +256 772 502713, +256 486 660 228
    • Abacus African Vacations
      Plot 73, Queens Way (near fly over), P.O. Box 34944, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)414 232657
    • Abercrombie and Kent Tours And Travel Limited
      Plot 46A Victoria Loop,108 Lubowa, P.O. Box 7799, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 414201321
    • Able Safaris Ltd
      Plot 79 Bukoto Street, kamwokya, P.O. Box 131, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256- 414692535
    • Access Budget Safaris
      Plot 4 kimathi avenue opposite kampala casino P.O Box 21873, Kampala-Uganda
      Telephon: +256-392-839448, +256-782-065126, +256-701-065126
    • Acacia Safaris
      Plot 351b Balintuma Road Nakulabye, Kampala, P.O. Box 29493, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)414 253597
    • Adrift – The Adventure Company
      Plot 14 , York Terrace Kololo, P.O.Box 7681, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 312 237 438
    • Advanced Tours and Travel Ltd
      Plot No 39 Ripon Garden, Clive Rd West, P.O.Box 806, Jinja
      Tel: +256 (0) 434 120457
    • Advantage Safaris Africa
      Fountain House, Nkrumah Road, P.O.Box 36163,Kampala, Uganda.
      Tel: +256 777 022 566.
    • Adventure Trails
      Plot 1383 Milk Valley Buildling, 1st Floor, Bwebajja, Entebbe, P.O. Box 34944, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)312 261390
    • African Big Five Safaris
      Plot 4, Pilkington Road, kira House
      Tel: 256 714 901 801, +256 713 901 801
    • Africa Nature Trekkers
      P.O. Box 28921, Plot1 Old Kampala Rd – Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256-792839273
    • Afri Tours and Travel Ltd
      Plot 1,Kafu Road, Fairway Hotel (Poolside) , P.O. Box 5187, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)414 233596
    • Africa Runners Co Ltd
      PLOT 79 BUKOTO STEET, KAMWOKYA, P.O. Box 27751, Kampala.
      Tel: 0312 250014
    • Africa’s Great Exploration Safaris
      Munyonyo Commonwealth Centre Ground Floor, P.O. Box 72308, Kampala, UgandaTel: +256 (0)414 662300
    • African Adventure Travellers
      Plot 1016 Sharing Center Gaba Rd Kampala, P.O. Box 26784, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)414 597257
    • African Pearl Safaris
      Plot 3 Kampala Road, Station House 2nd Floor, Room 8, P.O. Box 4562, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)414 233566/7
    • African Safari Masters Ltd
      Munyonyo , P.O. Box 27867, Kampala Uganda
      Tel: 0414 680010, 0752 344667
    • African Secrets Limited
      Plot 1001 Gabba Road, 1st Floor, Sussie House NsambyaP.O. Box 5574, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)312 280325
    • African White Rhino Safaris
      Plot 474, Block 4, Butikiro Road Kampala, P.O. Box 843, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)414 370912
    • Africa Treasures LTD
      Kabowa off -Entebbe Road, P.O.Box 2633 Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +25774161700 and +25670161700
    • Afrika Tur Ltd
      Seguku, Katale, Entebbe Road, Kampala.
      Mobile: +256 772 454619 / +256 778 717 359.
    • African Eco Tours
      Plot 940 Gadaffi Road, Makerere Opp. Ham Towers P.O Box:1888 Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256751090995, +256789884416, +256771485241
    • Alive Safaris Ltd / Tours and Travel
      MUGANZIRWAZA COMMERCIAL COMPLEX, Plot 1446, Katwe, Kibuye, Second Floor, Central Wing.Kampala – Uganda
      Tel: +256 392 176 654/ +256 705 123 123 (Whatsapp) / +256 779 075 355
    • Alpha and Omega Tours and Travel
      Lower Muyenga, P.O. Box 886, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)414 266858
    • All Terrain Adventures
      Tel: +256 772 377185
    • Amazing Safaris
      Plot 1, Tree Lane Lubowa, Entebbe Road, P.O. Box 9444, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)414 200859
    • ASTHO Vacations
      Bapipo Plaza, Busabala Road, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)792111735
    • Asyanut Safaris and Incentives
      Plot 2 Parliament Avenue M1.3 Jumbo Plaza Mezanine Floor, P.O. Box 27707, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)414 503065
    • Atlas African Safaris Ltd
      Musana House, Plot 31 Nkurumah Road KampalaP.O. Box 12719, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)772 749858
    • Augur Tours
      P.O. Box 10964, Kampala
      Tel: +256-772572696, +256-702200777
    • Ayinza Safaris and Tours Ltd
      Pilkington Road, NIC Building, basement, P.O Box 11805, Kampala, Uganda.
      Tel: +256 772 527 835; +256 705 617 389
    • Beyond The Sky Tours and Travel
      Metropole House plot 8-10 Entebbe Road, Office No. G9, P.O. Box 36671, Kampala
      Tel: +256-414 250359
    • Bamboo Ecotours Ltd
      P.O BOX 280, Kisoro, Uganda
      Tel: +256774519086
    • Brovad Tours and Travel
      Plot 1, Colville Street, Communications House Ground FloorP.O. Box 9174 Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)414 237477
    • Canyon safaris and Travel
      Mukono Seeta, 16126 Kampala Uganda,
      Tel: +256773131501
    • Cherub Adventures ltd
      Light Arcade,Shop F10 Nkrumuh Road, P.o .Box 9174, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256705726624 , +256780853321
    • Chumvi Tours
      P.O. Box 23591, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel.: +256 702 359336, +256 778732187
    • Churchill Safaris and Travel
      Plot 928, Block 18 Sir Albert Cook Road/Mengo- Natete Road, P.O. Box 28170, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)414 341815
    • Classic Africa Safaris
      Ground Operations 77 Erica Magala Road, EntebbeP.O. Box 524, Entebbe, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)414 320121
    • Climax Nature Experience Ltd.
      Plot No. 2422, Kitende, Chec Ln, Kampala, Uganda P.O.Box 14102 Kampala, Uganda
      Tel.: +256 772 305 049 +256 701 124 070(WhatsApp)
    • Credit Uganda Tours
      Nsambya Babies Home, P.O. Box 30788, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)312 281547
    • Crystal Safaris
      Plot 6 Colville Street, Airways House Kampala, P.O. Box 9698, Kampala, Uganda
      Tel: +256 (0)414 345742
    • Cycads African Safaris Limited
      Plot 73 HS Kibirige Building Queen’s Way, Entebbe Road, P.O. Box 22460, Kampala
      Tel: +256-414-573775

Best Parks & Game Reserves for a Safari Near Mombasa, Kenya

Across the city’s hinterland, you’ll encounter Best Parks & Game Reserves, niche sanctuaries with very few visitors, and there’s even the possibility of a marine safari. Here are some of our favorites.

Best Parks & Game Reserves

Tsavo East National Park

If you only have time to go on one safari near Mombasa, make it Tsavo East NP. One of Kenya’s best parks, it’s famous for elephants that you’ll very often see bathed in the red Tsavo dust. Lion sightings are similarly common and they have a story to tell: Tsavo lions have always been known for their ferocity and for the scruffy manes of the park’s male lions. Cheetahs, too, are a real highlight here, especially on the plains out in the eastern reaches of the park, the section of Tsavo East closest to Mombasa. The wild Galana River and the wildlife-rich Kanderi Swamp are also lovely focal points for your visit, and among the park’s more unusual wildlife prizes are the Somali ostrich, the gerenuk and the endangered Hunter’s hartebeest (hirola)

Tsavo West National Park

It’s quite an excursion from Mombasa, but Tsavo West NP is one of Kenya’s best parks and it’s not all that far away. Weird-and-wonderful rock formations and lava tubes dominate the park. Places such as Mzima Springs feel like another world, with greenery, hippos and crocs. Tsavo West’s other wildlife can be amazing, even if the denser vegetation means that the elephants, lions, leopards and more can be harder to see here than in neighboring Tsavo East NP. Giraffes, rhinos and plenty of birds are also highlights here.

Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

It’s a bit of a drive from Mombasa to get here, but Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is well worth the effort. At the heart of this private community sanctuary is a pocket of forested hills surrounded by savannah grasslands, not far from the arid plains of Tsavo. You’ll probably see elephants, and you might even see lions, cheetahs and klipspringers here. But it’s the birding that really gets visitors excited, especially the chance to see some forest species, as well as birds of prey.

Best Parks & Game Reserves
giraffes in the park

Shimba Hills National Reserve

Southwest of the city, inland from Diani Beach, Shimba Hills NR is one of the best game reserves near Mombasa. The hilly landscape here is a gorgeous combination of lush, tropical greens and savannah wildlife. While you’re here, you might see elephants, sable antelope and buffalo, as well as baboons, giraffes, plenty of birds and more butterflies than you ever thought possible. Not many safaris make it out here, and almost all of them come on day trips from the coast. Stay overnight if you can.

Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary

Close to Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and worth combining with it if you’re coming from Mombasa, Lumo is a community-run sanctuary that gets big cats, elephants and more. While you’re here, you might even see a black serval or an aardwolf! The birding is also incredible: over half of Kenya’s 1,100 bird species are possible, with the Taita thrush, Taita white-eye and Taita apalis possible highlights you just don’t see elsewhere. Unlike in Kenya’s national parks, you can even go on a walking safari.

Kisite Marine National Park

Going on safari near Mombasa isn’t just about cats and elephants and animals grazing the savannah. In the waters around Wasini Island, this marine national park also includes the Mpunguti Marine National Reserve. It is great for diving and snorkeling in search of dolphins, turtles and all manner of marine life on the beautifully preserved coral reefs.

Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary

You don’t have to travel far from Mombasa to see elephants. Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary is one of Kenya’s newer reserves and it lies along an important elephant-migration corridor. Seeing an elephant is almost guaranteed while you’re here. The riverine scenery through the Cha Shimba Valley, as well as the fact that very few visitors come here, combine to make this one of the more rewarding safari experiences in Kenya’s southeast.

Tsavo Conservancy

South of Voi and a little removed from the main safari trail, Tsavo Conservancy is a special place. Part of its appeal is the wildlife. The conservancy lies along an elephant-migration corridor, Grevy’s zebra inhabit the area, and more than 300 bird species have been seen here. But it also offers the chance to engage with local community projects set up to increase self-sufficiency and alternative sources of income for local people.