Big Five safari in Uganda

Rhino went extinct in Uganda in the 1980s, and while southern white rhino have been reintroduced in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, there are no reserves in Uganda where you can do Big Five safaris. For Big Four (leopard, lion, buffalo and elephant) safaris, Uganda has two options in its western region: Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is the best reserve in the country for wildlife diversity and its famous tree-climbing lions, and Murchison Falls National Park for large herds of elephant, giraffe and buffalo. The other Big Four reserve lies in a remote area of northern Uganda. Kidepo Valley National Park is the country’s most rugged wilderness, and in addition to the Big Four, it conserves species found nowhere else in Uganda, such as caracal, cheetah and aardwolf – and there are plans to reintroduce white rhino.

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