Fishing Trips

Uganda’s extraordinary beauty makes it among Africa’s most stunning countries. This is not only because it has the superb sceneries but also the Mountain Gorillas, the hospitable people as well as the spectacular water bodies which enables fishing safaris.
About 25% of the terrain in Uganda is covered by water, this is with the exemption of the far northeastern region which is a semi-arid area. Lake Victoria is one of the water bodies where fishing is done, it offers big catches of the Tilapia and Nile Perch among others. Lake Victoria is the world’s second largest fresh water lake and the largest in Africa, it is shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Other lakes that are great sites for fishing safaris in Uganda include; Lake Edward, Lake George, Lake Albert, and the swampy Lake Kyoga among others. The River Nile also offers great opportunities for fishing, it is the second longest river in the world.
Therefore, it is only in Uganda that you can enjoy extraordinary sport fishing without distraction within the beautiful unspoiled waters surrounded by incredible natural environments. Below we have listed for you some of the sites where you can enjoy fishing and have an unforgettable fishing experience.

Fishing at Murchison Falls

Fishing on Lake Victoria

Fishing in Lake Mburo National Park

Fishing around Sipi Falls and Mount Elgon

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