This epic tour offers the opportunity to follow both mountain and western lowland gorillas on six consecutive Best gorilla safari in uganda expeditions, making it the preferred safari for primate fans. This ultimate gorilla safari is designed for the ultimate gorilla aficionado, with no less than six opportunities to see the creatures firsthand. Spending time with these friendly primates is an unforgettable experience; pay particular attention to the play of light and shadow amid the foliage, and see how the gorillas interact with one another, from the tiny infant to the powerful silverback. Take your camera, batteries, and equipment, but try to immerse yourself in your surroundings and interact with our clever primate cousins as they go about their daily lives within meters away. It is wonderful to watch a gorilla through a lens, but a true feeling of your position in the world is achieved by looking into one’s own eyes.


Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park

Some of the world’s few remaining mountain gorillas are found in the Volcanoes National Park. It is a true island in the sky. These continued through the 1960s by Dian Fossey and associates after being originally researched here in 1959 by George Schaller. Gorillas are far from domesticated and are entirely wild animals. However, expert guides will join you on your Best gorilla safari in uganda, many of whom have gone through the habituation process. The guides will utilize their knowledge of the gorillas’ routines and the previous day’s information to find the group’s whereabouts. An early start to get to the park headquarters, where you’ll be given a ranger and a troop of gorillas. Tracking gorillas may take anywhere from four to eight hours across hilly, muddy, and lush green terrain. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is quite breathtaking to see these friendly primates in their natural habitat. You watch them playing, grooming, and eating!


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

A global population of only 1,000 has the mountain gorillas of Bwindi as a significant part. The gorillas you are following are from one of these habituated family groups. For up to five years apiece, these groups have gone through an exceedingly delicate procedure that has progressively taught them to tolerate the presence of people for a small amount of time each day, enabling a few privileged visitors to engage with them. The gorillas are not domesticated and are entirely wild. Experienced advisers will accompany you, many of whom have been through the habituation process themselves. The guides will utilize their knowledge of the gorillas’ routines and the previous day’s information to find the group’s whereabouts. As a result, the Best gorilla safari in uganda can take anything from half an hour to nine hours. Ideally, spend as little time as possible behind your camera lens to properly appreciate this incredible experience.