Kampala City Tour

Kampala is a vibrant city of approximately three million people by day and 1 million people by night. The city is on twenty-seven hills but was originally built on seven hills just like Rome.

The hills were of historical, colonial, and religious importance. Kampala is a generally safe city with no hassle directed to tourists but like any major city, you are advised to take care of your belongings. The city tour takes you to the historical, religious, and cultural sites as well as meeting with everyday Ugandans as they go about the daily errands of running all kinds of micro business to support their families.

The Original seven hills’ of Kampala are Makerere hill – where Makerere University is located, Kololo Hill – the colonial administrative hill, Rubaga Hill – the home to Catholic church Cathedral, Namirembe Hill – home to Anglican church Cathedral; Mengo Hill – Kabaka’s administration center, Mbuya Hill- location of the biggest army barracks and Kibuli Hill- the Islam center. Know more about Best African Company to Kampala Tours in Kenya visit us now

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