Once you have confirmed the final safari itinerary a non-refundable deposit will be required which shall be the sum of 15% of the Safari arrangement costs, plus the full amount for the gorilla permits (US$ 700 per permit), the chimpanzee permits per person US$ 200 or Habituation US$ 250, and all in country Airplane Tickets for a Flying Safari (if needed) for each person in the group.
Please note that availability of accommodation and permits is not guaranteed until officially confirmed by Verdoro Safaris Uganda. Accommodation, permit and activity reservations will be made as soon as your payment has been received in any of our bank accounts. For your convenience, the remaining balance should be settled at least 3 weeks before the start of your safari.
Most travellers make their payment via bank transfer. This can either be the standard Bank to Bank wire transfer – a process which takes on average 1 – 2 days or via TransferWise which takes from just few hours to a day. Regular Bank to Bank WireTransfer are sent to our local US$ Bank account in Uganda.
The second most popular way is via PesaPal where you submit your payment online via our website with your Credit or Debit Card. The PesaPal Service cost an extra 3.5% – service charge paid by you.
We also take credit or debit card payments at our Kampala office – please note that there is a 3.5% service charge paid by you.
Cash is also acceptable at our office in Kampala – Uganda. For your convenience, we can come fetch the payment at your convenient spot/hotel in Kampala or Entebbe but would need prior notice to ease planning.
The standard is that we should have your full payment before you start the tour – meaning you can as well pay cash on the day. Besides, we need money to run your tour. Last minute payments may lead to late start for the tour especially if you are planning to withdraw money from the cash machine.

Caution: We advise not to rely so much on ATMs for your safari payment. Most often the networks fail, cards get rejected or eaten plus they are limited to a certain amount in Uganda shillings. As the search for a working ATM continues time is running, causing delays and consequential missing out on some tour activities for the day.

Tip: Try to have funds withdrawn from the ATM at least a day before the start of the tour

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