The batwa and their culture: Batwa “pygmies” are one of the oldest people in Africa . They roamed the forests looking forFruits and Honey, and hunted with bows and trained dogs. As the woods were cut down by the Bantu , Batwa “Pygmies” numbers dwindled. In 1992, they were evicted from Uganda’s parks with no compensation. Recently the authorities have shown more understanding and some progress has been made.

The Batwa experience at Buhoma, Buniga forest walk at Nkuringo and the Batwa trail in Mgahinga. A different approach is offered through Batwa to day in ECHUYA forest. There are three recommended activities that resemble each other and show their history in the forest , involving customes and drama. Please be cautious when offered to “see the pymies” and avoid exploitation of the Batwa.

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