Uganda Travel Restrictions & Health Declaration Form


Travel Restrictions Summary:

  • Complete the Covid-19 Vaccination and carry a valid certificate or take a PCR test 72 hours before you catch a flight to Uganda. (-5 years olds are exempt.)
  • Fill out the online Health Declaration Form 24 hours before you catch your flight and save or print the QR code.
  • Take a yellow fever vaccination jab and carry a certificate with you.
  • Apply and pay for the Uganda entry visa online.

In addition to the existing travel restrictions, the Uganda government has announced new entry restriction changes effective November 14th, 2022, introducing the Health Declaration Form for all travellers. The form could be a move to control the spreading of the deadly Ebola virus to other countries and monitor travellers.


The Ministry of Health now requires all inbound or outbound travellers to complete the Uganda Travel Health Declaration Form within 24 hours of arrival. Travellers can access the form online at

Immediately after filling out the form and submitting it, the traveller will get a QR code they can save to their phone or print out to present to the immigration officer.

It’s a straightforward process that anyone with internet access can fill out. We think it is to help track travellers and prevent the spreading of killer diseases worldwide.

In relation to Covid-19, all travellers should hold a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate or negative PCR test with a sample taken at most 72 hours before they board their flight to Uganda. Children below 5 years are exempted.

Travel Requirements

  • There is no mandatory covid testing on arrival.
  • All inbound and outbound travellers will be required to show proof of complete COVID-19 vaccination, except for travellers aged five years and below.
  • Travellers with partial or no vaccination will be required to present a negative PCR test done within 72 hours before their flight to Uganda, except travellers below five years.
  • Travellers are advised to wear face masks in crowded places but not a requirement..
  • The Vulnerable or high-risk population, i.e. elderly aged 50 years and above and people living with co-morbidities irrespective of age, are advised to wear a facemask at all times whether they are vaccinated.
  • Mandatory screening of visitors for Covid symptoms like temperature and colds will till continue to identify COVID carriers.
  • You will be required to wear a facemask and keep a ten-meter distance when viewing the great apes in Uganda’s rainforests.
  • Because entire Uganda is Yellow Fever prone, vaccination is mandatory for all travellers entering Uganda. All travellers must present a valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate at entry. Any exception must give an authoritative document to prove their claim.

All Uganda visas are processed online at No visa processing at entry points. You’ll need a six months valid passport and yellow fever vaccination certificate to be allowed entry.

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