17 Days Rwenzori, Gorillas & Zanzibar Adventure


Challenge, Encounter, Unwind: 17 Days of Rwenzori, Gorillas & Zanzibar. Embark on an unforgettable adventure traversing Uganda’s varied landscape, culminating with serene relaxation on Zanzibar’s idyllic shores. Scale the formidable Rwenzori Mountains, the third highest in Africa.


Day 1:

Arrive in Kampala, Uganda

Ease into your Ugandan adventure with a relaxing stay at your pre-booked hotel in Kampala. Take some time to unwind after your journey and soak in the vibrant Ugandan atmosphere.

Day 2:

Embark on the Rwenzori Adventure – Kasese Bound

Set off for Kasese, the charming gateway town to the majestic Rwenzori Mountains. Settle in for the evening at the comfortable Sandton Hotel Kasese, preparing for the exciting climb ahead.

Day 3:

Conquer the First Step – Trek to Nyabitaba Hut (2651m)

Your Rwenzori adventure begins! Today’s trek takes you up to Nyabitaba Hut, nestled amidst lush greenery at an altitude of 2651 meters. Enjoy the fresh mountain air and stunning views as you acclimatize to the higher altitude.

Day 4:

Higher We Go – Trek to John Matte Hut (3505m)

The trail beckons as you embark on a trek towards John Matte Hut, situated at a challenging yet rewarding altitude of 3505 meters. Witness the changing landscapes as you ascend.

Day 5:

Unforgettable Journey – Trek to Bujuku Hut

Continue your ascent through the dramatic Rwenzori scenery, reaching the aptly named Bujuku Hut – a steppingstone towards even greater heights.

Day 6:

Seeking Solitude – Trek to Elena Hut

The journey upwards continues as you conquer the challenging terrain and reach the serene seclusion of Elena Hut. Take in the breathtaking panoramas and prepare for the ultimate summit push.

Day 7:

Summit Day – Conquer Margherita Peak!

Today is the culmination of your efforts! Ascend the majestic Margherita Peak, the highest point of the Rwenzori range at a staggering 4889 meters. Celebrate your incredible achievement and soak in the awe-inspiring views that stretch out before you.

Day 8:

Descend to Kitandara (4023m)

Begin your descent from the lofty heights, making your way down from Kitandara at 4023 meters to Guy Yeoman. Enjoy a well-deserved rest and savor the memories of your summit climb.

Day 9:

Back to Familiar Grounds – Descend to Nyabitaba Hut

The descent continues as you retrace your steps back to the familiar and welcoming grounds of Nyabitaba Hut. Take some time to reflect on the challenges conquered and the beauty witnessed.

Day 10:

Farewell to the Mountains – Relax at Ataco Country Resort

Your Rwenzori Mountain adventure comes to an end today. Enjoy a restful stay at the comfortable Ataco Country Resort, basking in the satisfaction of achieving your mountaineering goals.

Day 11:

In Search of Gorillas – Drive to Bwindi National Park

The journey takes a thrilling turn as you embark on a scenic drive towards the world-renowned Bwindi National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Settle in for the night at the Gorilla Mist Camp, ready for your upcoming gorilla encounter.

Day 12:

A Dream Come True – Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

Embark on the unforgettable experience of gorilla trekking in the heart of Bwindi’s pristine rainforest. Track a habituated gorilla family in their natural habitat and witness their gentle nature and complex social interactions. This is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter you won’t forget.Later, you will return to the lodge. In the evening, you may choose to relax at the lodge or visit the Batwa community. This will expose you to their culture based on how they live, dance, and you’ll also hear stories concerning their culture which will leave you amazed. You will have dinner and an overnight stay at the lodge.

Day 13:

Reflect and Depart – Return to Entebbe

This marks the end of your expedition, with a wealth of memories and a newfound appreciation for Uganda’s diverse landscapes and remarkable wildlife. You’ll have an early breakfast then check out leaving the “Switzerland of Uganda” behind and start your journey back to Kampala. You will be passing through rolling hills with terraces and have a great time viewing the lush vegetation of the different areas. You will have lunch in Mbarara and another stop will be at Mbambire drum makers point. After buying some of these drums, you’ll continue to Kampala arriving late in the afternoon for a relaxed evening and get ready for your Tanzania flight the next day.

‘Day 14:

Experiencing the Stone Town’

Arrival Day depends on what time you will arrive at the Zanzibar Islands. After being picked up at the airport, you will go directly to Tembo Hotel in Stone Town or another hotel of your choice. If time permits after a short break at the hotel, you will begin your tour of Stone Town. You will learn about the rich history of Stone Town with an knowledgeable guide, visit a spice tour, and explore the Forodhani Night Market before returning to the hotel.”

‘Day 15:

Encounters on Nakupenda Island

It’s another beautiful day to enjoy the paradise of the Zanzibar Islands. By visiting Prison Island and Nakupenda Island, you will learn more about the islands’ history and see a variety of animals such as tortoises and birds. Then, you will go to the most beautiful sandbank in Zanzibar, Nakupenda Island, where you can relax, swim, and enjoy seafood. Afterwards, you will return to your hotel, whether it be Tembo Hotel or another.

Day 16:

Discover the wonders of Mnemba Island.’

We start our day with an early morning breakfast, followed by a trip to Mnemba Island for snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, and exploring aquariums. It’s a beautiful experience visiting Mnemba Island, where we also enjoy seafood before returning to our hotel, be it Tembo Hotel or another.”

Day 17:

Bidding Farewell to Africa

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the Zanzibar Archipelago, a sense of fulfillment envelops you. The gentle lapping of the waves against the dhow’s wooden hull is a soothing finale to the adventure of a lifetime. Your journey across Uganda and Zanzibar has been nothing short of epic—a 17-day odyssey that has taken you from the misty mountains inhabited by majestic gorillas to the tranquil beaches that promise endless bliss.

Now, as you prepare to return home, you carry with you more than just souvenirs; you carry stories etched into your heart, friendships woven into your soul, and a renewed spirit ignited by the magic of these islands. This is not just the end of a trip; it’s the beginning of a new chapter—one where every sunset reminds you of Zanzibar’s splendor, and every sunrise holds the promise of future adventures.

Farewell, Africa. Until we meet again.